Early on in my tenure in Metis’ 12 week immersive Data Science bootcamp, I learned what I found to be one of the core lessons of machine learning — your model can only be as good as the features you feed it. You can use the fanciest packages out there for regression or classification algorithms, but if the features don’t tell the machine much, it won’t get you very far.

While I was able to use domain knowledge about various subjects to develop features on my own, I knew there were features I was missing. …

Back in Fall 2020, I watched, like many Americans, as the Presidential debate between then-President Donald Trump and current president Joe Biden in a mixed state of disbelief and shock, as the debate devolved into back and forth quips.

For some reason, I tended to remember the debates pre-2015ish as a much more civilized discussion between two candidates, where they had more time to hash out the issues amongst themselves. More policy, more ideas, less back and forth quips and barbs.

But was that true? Or was it just me remembering those debates with rose colored glasses?

In order to…

Patrick Bovard

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